A minute after

It never seems to fail but I always catch the clock a minute after the hour. I do not know if other have this same experience but I find it uncanny how often this occurs. I have tried to figure this phenomenon out throughout my life. Is it a message? Is there a sign involved? Is God saying something to me? Beyond the metaphysical I have looked at it simply as coincidence; however, it is one that seems to stalk me. I even go as far as to intentionally not look at the clock when I know that single minute is coming but that darned moment in time never seems to elude me. The :01 is there staring me in the face daring me to accept the fate it plays in my life. It is the fate of being prevalent, being noted, being a dash in time that causes me to stop and wonder. When you think about it how often do we get such a beacon in life that causes us to stop and wonder? Perhaps a minute after will causes us all to stop and wonder?

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