Red Chairs

Red chairs sitting on golden heaven
Enticing magic calling with Adirondack pleasure
Splish, splash water waves
How can the world question the simplicity?

Look towards the west
Clouds drift above the trees
Mountains sit heavy, laden with time
World spins, nothing breaks loose

Man stands watching over the water
Looking for life strung over a line
The rain falls, the weak surrender
Red chair remains on golden heaven



Splash of reality.

Diving into the lake was like diving into a scrap book of the last decade of my life. With one splash memories flooded into my mind of people encountered; events both recent and a while ago. A sudden shock wave hit me as I process the business and chaos that I had called living.

When we experience less pleasing moments in life we do the same moving into high gear (or the opposite) to block and shut out the world so that we do not have to experience suffering.

Now, I am not proposing we don’t live where we accomplish nothing or take ourselves to the brink of a breakdown because of pain, but that we take time to stop and examine the situation.

Why do we strive to be so busy? Living is not experiencing life at warp speed, where we go so fast that we do not appreciate the moment; both good and bad. Living is being in the moment to the fullest to see what it is and how it truly effects us. For example, for the most part people say they go on vacation to slow down, to get a way from it all, to have a break from that which is life. However, we get to that point be it a weekend, a week, or more and we fill our schedules to do everything and be everywhere. Perhaps some might say that is living life to its fullest but really they is continue the repetitious pattern of chaos we have become dependent upon.

At this moment I am sitting on a dock in a lake overlooking the White Mountains of New Hampshire. These amazing remnants before me are startling examples of taking a moment to wait. Millions of years ago they stood taller than the rocky mountains. They loomed over this young continent as monolithic anchors stretching towards an endless sky. Through the course of time, wind, rain, ice, thunder, lightning, and all that mother nature could throw at them, they have watched as they released their ancient hardened minerals. The took the worse and they still are. They have taken the best and still are. And what next? They will continue to be in mountain, earth, dust, and sand for what they experience can not destroy them but can only expand them across this terrestrial plan.

We too must remember this as we go about life. In our business we disconnect as we strive continually for something better, as we experience loss and pain, or simply fade into a self imposed mindless deportation of self.

Stop for a minute. Think. Experience. Explore the mind and the world around and live anew.

Church Street


Head of the street
Strong, whole, holy, true
Watching and calling the world
That walks at its base

Singer, dancer, musician, artist
Make music and slow the world down
Shops open, enticing and full
Come in, enter, Bienvenue!

“It’s mine.” “No, it’s mine.”
Fighting erupts. Young men with no understanding
Stealing to satisfy greed. Victim calling for help
Help arriving. The world keeps passing

Further on down,
Hill moving southward
People, dogs, bags, bricks, homeless, wanderlust, confused, lonely,

City perfume of culture mixing
Korean, French, Mexican, Russian,
Bistros bustling with patrons watching, drinking, dinning, celebrating

You at the top of the hill, do you see
Where is the proof of your existence?
In buildings dark and closed?
In name only do we see

Church street: in word and in deed
Pastoral steeple guiding watch over thee
Where art thou when we so are in need?
Church street: you cannot satisfy thy heaviest need.