The Rudder

Yes, there are many things that we use as the so-called rudder in our lives.

God, parents, ethics, ideals, sport teams, jobs, education, shows; if you were to ask the world “what is your rudder?” I imagine that the list would potentially be endless.

The importance of a rudder in life is never more apparent until it is gone. Once missing, it is hard to get a hold of not where so much you are going but what in life is so important that you need to head in that direction.

Alas, you cannot go to ACE or Lowes and buy a rudder. You can try fashioning one out of wood but that would work as well as wet cardboard. The only way to re-establish a rudder sometimes is growing it of your own self.

Now, that is hard, nearly as hard as growing a third arm. However, there is something about recognizing the need of a rudder and perhaps that can be said is the beginning of wisdom.


The land and the sea

The sweet smell of sea salt on the air. That scent when the tide is high and the water churning with life is thrilling. It gives me a feel of being fresh and new; a moment when all is cleansed and forgiven; a time of total peace.

If only I was not trapped in the midst of 1000 acre corn field!

But then there is something to be said about the sweet smell of corn.