From the Window

The world can change overnight.  While we sleep in our beds simple actions outside of our control can manipulate everything we know about life.  This is a rather simple reality to uderstand; however, it can cause us to think that we have little control over situtations.

For example, the other night I went to sleep knowing that outside by bedroom window the land was brown, wet, and muddy.  It was a rather dyspeptic sight to see.  But then over the course of a couple hours in the dark heart of the night, the world spun, fronts moved clouds arrived and preciptation occured and in the morning the world was covered in white.  Yes, it snowed during the night and with each falling snow flake it transformed the world. 

The world changed and I had nothing to do with it. 

But then there are the moments in our lives when we do take active steps to change not only the world but ourselves.  A change in clothing style.  A new hair cut.  A different diet. These are simple, controllable decisions we make in our lives.  Control is nice.  It is comforting.  But what insight can control offer if we are not willing to look beyond the curtain of our mind and see what more we can experience. 

Considering change is not easy for me.  I love to try new ideas.  I love to think of new ways of doing things, but I also (and I say this emphatically) like continuity.  This tug of war between change and staying the same leaves me wondering is it better to go for one or the other?  Does balancing the two make sense?  Or does balancing leave one with the feeling of needing a little more either which way?

The snow has since melted and once again I did not have control over it.  I never will.  However, I do think I will work towards emboding a new way of seeing the world, while at the same time appreciating who and what I am today.  I guess balance is the way to go.  Only time and experience will prove otherwise.


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