The means of Love

To quantify love is to loose the point.

For when love is measured,

The mind easily strays.

It looks for answers and asks questions,

It seeks resolutions and even demands.

For love is not to be measured.

For what could it be measured against?

To understand love is to distract.

Love offered and love gained

Does not need the mind to explain.

Love is free and comes without expectation.

It is true and honest; it is present and sustaining.

Do not spend time on understanding.

For how can we truly understand eternity?

To reserve love is the worst of all.

To hold back and keep from sharing,

Tears the soul; leaves relationships in rumble.

A sin, yes, if love is denied, if love is not shared,

If love is kept for a better day.

Love should not be kept in bank accounts.

For why should we keep something freely given?

Freely given. That is true.

Love has been offered to us from eternity.

It has rained and poured. It has blossomed and sung.

Love came to us as a gift and called us by name.

We cannot measure the One source of love.

We cannot understand the Divine mind.

We cannot keep Love to ourselves.

We can only be humble and offer to all.


One thought on “The means of Love

  1. Pat williams says:

    You are truly a gifted individual and I am so intrigued with your artistic ability and your literary excellence. Keep up the wonderful work…I love it all.

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