Renewing the Fabric

Yes, the last several month have shown the worst of society.  We have fought about politics.  We have thrown words around like entitlements and gifts.  We have been disparaging of people who are not like us and gloat when the other side falls short.  It has been sad.

But that is all over now, right?  Unlikely.

So where to from here?  Do we become further entrenched in our ideological windowless prisons, or can we, maybe, begin a new way of living?

It is the time of year when we respond to life by giving thanks.  I believe that most Americans (citizens and non-alike) will stop and give thanks somehow this Thursday.  I have not heard of any general boycotts against Thanksgiving, nor any feelings of animosity towards this national holiday, which is worth being thankful.  Saying thank you is a very powerful act of the soul because it is recognizing that there is something outside of oneself that is worth a moment of recognition.

Imagine, if we all gave thanks each day.  I believe saying thank you has the power to renew the fabric of society; the one great and diverse blanket we all live under.  By virtue of looking about the world we live in and offering thanksgiving slows us down, centers our being, and yes I believes creates a sense of cosmic harmony.  Similar to the “pay it forward” idea, saying thank you calls us to recognize the significance of something in our world.

What could it do for us?  It gives us all common ground on which to stand.  We will not agree about all things but we will can begin to see our neighbor as someone other than an idea or a political party.   Giving thanks offers us the opportunity to recognize what others may not have and in turn call us to help.  Giving thanks calls us to be humble of spirit and of mind.

It has been a tough year in terms of negativity.  It is time we renew what has been torn apart and that begins with giving thanks.


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