Church Street


Head of the street
Strong, whole, holy, true
Watching and calling the world
That walks at its base

Singer, dancer, musician, artist
Make music and slow the world down
Shops open, enticing and full
Come in, enter, Bienvenue!

“It’s mine.” “No, it’s mine.”
Fighting erupts. Young men with no understanding
Stealing to satisfy greed. Victim calling for help
Help arriving. The world keeps passing

Further on down,
Hill moving southward
People, dogs, bags, bricks, homeless, wanderlust, confused, lonely,

City perfume of culture mixing
Korean, French, Mexican, Russian,
Bistros bustling with patrons watching, drinking, dinning, celebrating

You at the top of the hill, do you see
Where is the proof of your existence?
In buildings dark and closed?
In name only do we see

Church street: in word and in deed
Pastoral steeple guiding watch over thee
Where art thou when we so are in need?
Church street: you cannot satisfy thy heaviest need.


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