The air this evening is ripe with the scent of petrichor. That sweet, earthy smell that makes you want to drink in the air as if it were water. Carried on the breath of wind is the fresh scent of a new tomorrow; of a new spring full of hope. To say it is fresh is only the beginning for it is fuller, stronger, and more energizing than what the word fresh can describe. It is life for seeds, water for creatures, splashes that converge to form the streams, rivers, lakes and oceans we love.

How should we gather this experience in our mind? Shall we let it drift away, forgotten, just as the clouds that bring the rain eventually will?

Perhaps we should. To live right now. To absorb and drink in this moment. To allow the mind and spirit to dance in the thoughts of pure clean water reminds, renews, strengthens so that we can wake tomorrow and know that the world is cleansed and new. And so are we.


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