There are moments in life when you find yourself sitting at the edge of a metaphorical precipice.  Sitting, you feel the vastness of nature and space.  Thankfully, there is no sense of falling but there is an expectancy that looms in your heart; it is the expectancy of a Divine encounter.

It is graceful to say guests are never late, instead of shouting obscenities and ridiculing tardiness.  Grace extends well beyond any one person’s imagination or understanding.  You need to understand that grace is like the air we breath: all around us, always there, plentiful and full of life.  However, you tarnish grace by your determined and self righteous attitude and find that the air, once so fresh, is polluted and hazardous.  That is not grace.  That is the leftover expression of human will.

Return once again to the precipice.  As you sit there accepting that you had a sensation to sit and wait awhile, the question persists: why should I wait? Could it really be for God?  Your mind races around the thought and causes you to question whether this was really important. Yet, in your heart there is a yearning to encounter and know; a desire to transcend the gap between here and the other.

The precipice offers a unique attribute to the sitting pilgrim; it is the desire to fly free and to know.  To know, is to be incorporated into something, to have a deep, even mystical understanding of an idea, concept, thought, or reality.  It is transformational and opens the mind to new dimensions of growth and new understandings of grace.  It may be a heavy burden to know but that heaviness gives us roots to a new way of living.

Rumination of thought can only last so long before one becomes tired sitting on the edge.  You are still waiting for that Divine encounter and it has yet to occur.

Take a deep breath in, hold it, exhale and repeat.

When you feel you are at the edge you need to realize that if you let go of somethings in your life they will simple fall away.  There is something about letting go that gives one the opportunity to see the world with new eyes.  You clog your vision; you despoil it with falsehoods; you deny what you see for what you want to see.  But here, all of that can be released into the universe to be recycled and made new.  In turn you find yourselves being made new by what else, but by grace in experiencing the Divine.  Yes, the Divine was there collecting, caring, protecting and guiding.

As mentioned earlier it is graceful to never scold a guest for being late.  The reason why this is true, is because you did not realize you were the one late to the party, the appointment, the encounter with the Divine.

The Precipice


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