November Aire

The sounds of November are exquisite.  There is a soft symphony playing with each crackle of the fireplace, with each intake of air drafting through the doors whistling and humming as the smoke travels up the chimney.  But these are not the only sounds that gently lull me into a safe, heavy sense of autumn hibernation.  There is the rustle of leaves: maple, oak, elms, hackberries, even corn husks that have trespassed into the yard to find winter solitude under the bridal-veil bushes.  Such simple music, more ancient than any famous composer has ever written.  It is magic to me.  It is a perfect lullaby. 
The light of November is transitional.  No longer is it as direct and strong.  It lacks the once powerful rays that stung us in July.  The light of November some might say is grey and blah, but it deserves a more introspective look.  This is light that grows short and it stays briefer every day. Now, the sun tucks itself back in under the horizon earlier and earlier so that darkness seems to have conquered the earth.  But little do we think about the necessary nature of this transition, for it is the change of light that brings the season, the leaves, the coolness, the thoughts and anticipation of light returning to the world.
The scent of November is comforting.  It is this season when the earth is once again opened up for a brief time before the winter snow blankets the rich fertile ground.  Now is the time we see fields once heavy with the fruits of the season now harvested and ready for a much needed rest.  However, the hearty scent of rich ground sneaks into our homes and underlines the wafting scent of wood smoke and warm aroma of harvest baked goods.  The scents of pumpkin, cinnamon, apple each introduce themselves to say hello and be greeted by an insatiable appetite.  A whiff of the air makes you feel safe and secure; no worries about will there be enough, for as matter of fact there is enough to share three times over. 
November, it is a simple as anything else for it is in this season when we can stop and say thank you for the warmth, the love, the provisions of life, the place to call home.  It is the beginning of a natural slow down of days, although we too often rush about concerned about less important activities.  November, there is something deserving of our appreciation if we just take a minute to see it.

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